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We are happy to present you the new initiative of “blog space” by Odisha Economic Association.
There has been a growing space of information, knowledge, analysis using multiple medium including text, photographs, videos cross-cutting the language and regional barriers that informs economy and economics.
We realised, this void was not catered by several other initiatives we have taken over the years including the annual conference, journal, workshops etc.

This initiative of ‘blog space’ is specifically designed to get the stories that connects: local to the global and vice versa; that brings in conversation; that brings in domains and knowledge from science, history, culture, Institutions, to inform economy and economics; and stories informed by many facets of economics.

In our first endeavor, we present you a bouquet that include an overview of dispossession and resistance in Odisha, A conservation tale of Simlipal, and a conversation with Professor Bhabani Prasad Dash.

We thrive to make this a dynamic space with least waiting time. At the same time, we bring in a balance of rigour and lucidity through our editorial team and advisors to maintain the quality and standard of this “blog space”.

We hope this space would grow up in the similar manner the discipline of economics has grown- viz., inclusive, open to the ideas beyond economics, connecting local and regional with the global and vice-versa.

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